User energy costs

This section provides an informative overview of the transaction costs associated with a user interacting with the NRG smart contracts on TronNRG's GitBook documentation. It is crucial to note that while TronLink may display fees associated with renting, these fees are never deducted from the user but rather from the smart contract deployer. The energy costs outlined below indicate the amounts incurred by the user for performing specific actions on our smart contracts:

Please note: First time you provide NRG the energy cost is 100,000 and then 75,000 each time after that. You must first claim any pending rewards if you have any prior to providing more TRX to NRG. This has a total cost of 130,000 energy

Get NRG:

When a user swaps TRX for NRG, the total energy cost for this transaction is 75,000 Tron Energy.

Claim Rewards:

If a user wishes to claim their commission, the cost incurred for this transaction is 65,000 Tron Energy.

Start Remove Timer:

When a user initiates the remove timer, the cost for this action is 180,000 Tron Energy.


When a user wants to compound their commission, the total energy cost for this action is 85,000 Tron Energy.

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