Providing Tron Energy

Maximizing Profits with TronNRG: A Comprehensive Guide for Providers

As a provider on the TronNRG platform, you can earn TRX by contributing TRX to our decentralized smart contract. Our system is designed to be secure and transparent, ensuring the safety of your funds without relying on third parties or team intervention. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to become a provider and reap the rewards:

Step 1 - Access TronNRG through a supported dApp browser:

To get started, make sure you are using the TronLink wallet or another compatible dApp browser.

Step 2 - Connect your wallet:

Connect your TronLink or other supported wallet to the TronNRG platform.

Step 3 - Navigate to the provider tab:

Once your wallet is connected, go to the provider tab on the TronNRG platform.

Please note that you must first claim any pending rewards if you have any prior to providing more TRX to NRG - See user energy costs

Step 4 - Enter the desired TRX amount:

Specify the amount of TRX you wish to provide in the designated field.

Step 5 -Sit back and relax:

After submitting your TRX, our team will take care of the marketing to ensure your resources are sold. All you need to do is check back periodically and claim your rewards.

By following these steps, you can become a successful provider on the TronNRG platform, earning TRX while contributing to the growth of the ecosystem. Enjoy the benefits of a secure and efficient energy marketplace with TronNRG.

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