How to use the swap module

Mastering the TronNRG Swap Module: A Step-by-Step Guide for Instant NRG to TRX Conversion

TronNRG's convenient swap module offers a practical solution for users who cannot wait through the 14-day unstake period. This user-friendly feature allows instant conversion of a limited amount of NRG to TRX, providing timely access to your funds when needed. Follow the steps below to use the TronNRG swap module:

Step 1

Access TronNRG through a supported dApp browser To begin the process, make sure you are using the TronLink wallet or another compatible dApp browser.

Step 2

Connect your wallet Before you can proceed, connect your TronLink or another supported wallet to the TronNRG platform.

Step 3

Navigate to the swap module tab Once your wallet is connected, locate and click on the swap module tab within the TronNRG platform.

Step 4

Approve an amount for swapping Before you can exchange your NRG for TRX, you will need to approve a specific amount for the swap. This is a one-time process that grants the swap module permission to facilitate the transaction.

Step 5

Swap your NRG for TRX With the approved amount in place, you can now proceed to swap your NRG for TRX instantly. Any pending rewards balance will be paid out to you during the transaction.

Please note that although the swap module provides immediate access to your funds, we strongly encourage users to adhere to the standard 14-day unstake period whenever possible. TronNRG is continuously working on expanding this feature to include arbitrage opportunities for community members. Stay updated on the latest developments and enjoy the versatility

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