System voting rewards

The voting rewards integration in the NRG system offers an exciting and innovative approach to enhancing the overall energy supply and benefiting users. By incorporating voting rewards into the system, the energy supply remains consistent, as these rewards are added to the smart contract every time they are claimed.

What makes this feature truly remarkable is the way it contributes to the growth of the NRG. The TRX generated from the sales of this additional energy supply is distributed among the providers in the pool. This distribution helps boost the APY for all users, making their NRG investments even more rewarding over time.

The compounding effect that this feature provides cannot be understated. As the energy supply increases and the sales continue, the rewards for the providers in the pool also grow. This growth benefits both the system as a whole and the individual providers, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

The voting rewards integration in the NRG system is a powerful and innovative way to ensure a steady energy supply, while simultaneously boosting the APY for all providers in the pool. The compounding effects of this feature can significantly enhance the value of NRG providers over time, making it an attractive option for users seeking to maximize their returns.

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