Claiming Rewards

This step-by-step guide will help users of the TronNRG system understand how to claim their commission. Follow these detailed steps to ensure a smooth process.

Step 1: Access TronNRG through a supported dApp browser

To start the process of claiming your NRG commission, make sure you are using a supported dApp browser such as TronLink or another compatible option.

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Before you can claim your commission, you will need to connect your TronLink or another supported wallet to the TronNRG platform. This connection will enable you to access your commission and interact with the platform securely.

Step 3: Understand the commission distribution timing

TronNRG distributes commission rewards twice a day at 12:01 and 00:01 UTC. During these times, the system updates all users' rewards according to their share in the system. However, rewards can also be triggered during the following events:

  • When a user starts their remove timer

  • When a user transfers a token

As a result, you might notice that rewards are distributed more frequently during these events.

Step 4: Navigate to the "Claim Commission" tab

On the TronNRG platform, find and click on the "Claim Commission" tab. Here, you will see your total earned commission and the available commission to claim.

Step 5: Claim your commission

Click the "Claim" button on the "Claim Commission" tab. This action will instantly pay out your pending commission to your connected wallet.

Optional Step: Compound your rewards

Instead of claiming your rewards directly, you can choose to compound them. To do this, click the compound button which then converts your pending commission into NRG tokens. Your wallet will then receive the NRG tokens, effectively reinvesting your commission back into the system. This option allows you to increase your stake and potentially earn more rewards over time.

By following these steps, you can efficiently claim your TronNRG commission and ensure that you receive your rewards as expected.

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